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What to do in Mugello

"Il bel paese che il Santerno bagna e parla tosco in terra di Romagna"
What to do in Mugello

Motors, flavors, colors: welcome to Mugello!

The area of Firenzuola is one of the largest in Mugello and offers many different activities suitable for anyone.

Here a list of the main attractions and activities to do in the surroundings of Hotel Piccola Firenze.

For hiking, biking and nature lovers

  • Walk the Via degli Dei
    Bologna and Firenze are connected by a medieval path that is one of the most scenic in Italy. Walking along the Via degli Dei is a unique experience suitable for any season.

  • Hike in Giogo-Casaglia Park
    canyons, woods, panoramic views and wild animals are the ingredients of any excursion inside the natural reserve of Parco Giogo Casaglia stretching for about 6.000 acres. The pulsing heart of the park is the millennial Badia di Moscheta, perfect also for picnics and short walks Visit the website.

  • Horseback riding at Badia di Moscheta
    Next to the old Badia there is a riding ring and stables; they organizes riding courses for children and grown-ups.

  • Visit the Reserve of Covigliaio
    this small natural reserve is located between Passo della Futa and Raticosa; it’s considered the heaven of excursionists that love wild nature. You may spot muflons; don’t miss the panoramic view from Monte Beni and Sasso di Castro. "IL PICCOLO MUSEO DEL COVIGLIAIO"

  • Live the Santerno river
    Santerno river springs near Passo della Futa and goes down into a narrow valley to meet the river Reno. In the municipality of Firenzuola the river created natural ponds, pools and falls that are very popular among locals in summer. Don't miss Moraduccio Falls.

For motors lovers

  • Mugello International Circuit
    The Mugello International Circuit is one of the most famous and renowned circuits in Italy; it's the official test-circuit of Ferrari and Ducati.

  • Passo della Futa
    This is the meeting point of Italian motorbikers tat love driving through panoramic roads.

  • Passo del Giogo
    Another popular place for motorbikers, included in several books for motors lovers.

For culture lovers

  • German military cemetery of Futa
    This is suggestive place is one of the largest military cemetery in Italy. It hosts the German soldiers death along the Gothic Line during WWII.

  • Documentation Center and Historic Researches of the Gothic Line
    This museum and research center collects important documents and material left in this area during WWII.

  • Roman Flaminia road
    In the municipality of Firenzuola there is part of the ancient Roman road built by Console Flaminio in 187 AD. You can walk along this ancient road.

  • Santerno Valley War Cemetery
    this small war cemetery is located in the Valley of Santerno in Cercetola. It hosts 287 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War. Details here.

The municipality of Firenzuola is large and includes some beautiful point of interests such as the Romanesque Pieve di Cornacchiaia, the Ethnographic Museum of Bruscoli and the museum at Badia di Moscheta.