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Via degli Dei

Via degli Dei

We are located in STAGE 3 on the VIA DEGLI DEI, the path stops in our town, precisely on the FUTA PASS, that is 11 kilometers (almost 7 miles) away from the center of the capital and we cover this distance with our SHUTTLE SERVICE for guests of our hotel. Firenzuola is a small village where you will find every service: pharmacy, grocery stores, laundry, tobacco shop, cafes, and so on.

The VIA DEGLI DEI (Path of Gods), one of the most famous routes in Italy, especially in the last years, goes from Bologna to Florence (but you can travel it from Florence to Bologna too!). It crosses the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with its charm of a place yet to be discovered: the Contrafforte Pliocenico nature reserve, the "Flaminia militare", a road built in 187 BC by the will of the Roman consul C. Flaminio, the Trebbio Castle, commissioned by Cosimo I de’ Medici, the Sanctuary of Monte Senario where the friars offer to walkers the liqueur "Gemma di abeto", secretly prepared locally, the city of Fiesole, a wonderful village located in the hills of Florence and founded by the Etruscans ...

Via degli Dei is all of this, a non-religious itinerary that is born from the spirit of a group of Bolognese walkers from the CAI (Club Alpino Italiano, the senior Italian alpine club) Association (the Dû pâs e ‘na gran magnè, a short walk and a great meal in Bolognese dialect) who wanted to reach Florence to… eat an excellent Florentine steak with the exuberant spirit of those who walk to enjoy the journey and the little things in life.

It is nonetheless a historical path which the Etruscans and Romans travelled to develop their trades, which merchants and wanderers undertook during the Middle Ages, which lived tragic moments such as the Second World War (it spans largely over the Gothic Line) and which today has brought small towns of the Apennines back to life.

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